Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Not strictly Neon Skullz related but I just saw this and had to blog it!

This is from my favourite Youtube channel Tim & Barry TV and its a perfect example of what is great about Grime and Tim & Barry! On tuesday, the day we all crawled back into the real world after the Snow Day, this surfaced. Tempz and JME fucking murking it ina snowball fight. come on thats alot! This is pretty much what i spent all day doing, except that i don't get filmed :( lolzzzzzzzz.x

This is the real thing man no fucking bullshit, this is grime as it should be! Representing British street culture. Anyway heres a bunch of the best Tim & Barry vids, go subscribe to their youtube channel now!

Tempz Freestyling at a massive temple in Athens, im guessing over there for the Cassette Playa Show at Athens Fashion week.

All the best ones are with Tempz! On his driveway!

Here's some others which I really like.


GIGGS AND DUBZ are heavy!

Shit man, whos gonna do grime black metal crossover?
Seriously watch this video by Gorgoroth! Why wasn't there a scene like this in Lord of the rings when the orcs were going to war?

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