Saturday, 31 January 2009

Where were you in '92? Burning down churches in Norway mate.

Neon Skullz new obsession: Corpse Paint!

Look out for new Neon Skullz corpse paint/black metal artwork coming soon!

Picture 7

why we're on the subject, here is a video of my my favourite Burzum Track, Dunkelheit:

and heres a cool video for The Day Burzum Killed Mayhem by Nargaroth, it's got some pretty cool news footage of the Varg Vikerness trial:

I actually love Black Metal so much.
My favourite Colour is pink.

Photographer Peter Beste has shot some amazing portraits of members of the black metal scene, theres a slide show with musical accompaniment in the video below, also check out his photos of of the Houston Rap scene and London Council Estate/Grime scene.

VBS TV did a real interesting Black Metal documentary whilst Peter Beste was doing this project, check the first episode here:

Im off to draw some corpse paint! 

Friday, 30 January 2009

New LxCxJ Pics

Just for fun we decided  to dress up in Bjorn's flat the other day and take some photos of the band.

Here are some of my favourites: 


...yes we really do use a phone mouthpiece as a mic.
Cool eh!

Monday, 26 January 2009

Melodie Du Kronk artwork

Ok ok so obviously a lot of the stuff Im posting up at the moment is not in chronological order. Here is some artwork I did for ace liverpool band Melodie Du Kronk last year.

This is what Picadilly Records in manchester said about the album (of the week) 

It's not often that the GPS delves into the full length market, but here's a stormer. Eleven totally whacked out, fried nuggets of space-age electronic psychedelia from Scouse moog maniacs Melodie Du Kronk. Opening with the glorious "Morgiana", which rolls out like some lost 1971 hallucinatory goth horror disco track, the album then runs over 10 more pulsing gems that play out like the soundtrack to some aborted, early 70s Iron Bloc horror flick. Bubbling moogs and constantly evolving, meandering motorik rhythms recall the groove of Cluster and Harmonia mangled with prime 'Neu! era' Stereolab and Add N to X at their zonked out best, with a twist of Holy Fuck to boot.
Ltd LP - GPS31 - not currently available - sorry!
200 numbered copies on vinyl only in suitably lurid 'neon skullz' designed, linen card sleeves.

Suitably lurid sounds good to me!

Le Couteau Jaune @ Vans vs Dave The Chimp Party

On 24th September last year LxCxJ played at the Vans vs Dave the Chimp trainer/teeshirt launch party with Robots in Disguise (Check out Dave the Chimps stuff, he is one of our fav graffiti artists, he painted a giant Green Catterpillar on the side of Anne LCJ's squat once, that totally rocked! Altho happy ghosts eating sushi on Roman Road in Bow and just off of Kingsland Road in Dalston are my personal favourites!). The show was full of squeeling teenage girls and we went mental, so did they, we had mega mega fun times, check the video below for some action... this was the first outting for the now world famous RAPE CAPE, our homemade giant patchwork sheet that we generally lob over the audience. Charli XCX christened it the rape cape coz her and her mates kept getting touched up by some perv whilst dancing under it one night.
Anyway check out some photos of our performance taken by Eve Power here.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Neon Skullz Mixtape : Four Weeks To Wife Her!



NEW DJ MIX dedicated to my boys Love's Tru Flavor and DJ Soft/Hard Target @ Wifey...CLICK THE PIC FOR DOWNLOAD LINK!

Juju Magic

The other night I took a LOT of drugs, not big, not clever. But i had a fucking zany trip, most of which was documented by myself and natasha on her iPhone (the way when u tilt the phone the image turns around was fucking with my K'd up head) 

Take a look at all the pics here , I think theres some sort of a narrative. 
Here are a few of my faves:

Pillers Of The Community

Pillers of the community are alot! Theyre from Leggy (Leicester to you and me).
Neon Skullz is working on some hot designs for them at the moment, take a sneaek peak at some of the stuff in development: 

Also check out BERKO from Pillers' solo stuff, he is a wordsmith of desirably genius levels.

Reverso @ Poopsy Club, Halloween Party 2008, BERLINNNNNNNNN!

poops 2785 - MyVideo

Reverso did this amazing performance which involved making and eating a cake, in a manic way... sounds good, looked even better! 

Photos, once again, by the incomparable, Amy Lawlor

Le Couteau Jaune @ Poopsy Club, Halloween Party 2008, Berlin.

poops 2804 - MyVideo

LxCxJ got flown over to Berlin to play a special Poopsy Club Halloween Party at Kreuzberg Festhaal (sp?). It was fucking amazing! We had such a good time, we drank so much beer, ate good food, saw Nick Cave in the street and Hung out with our pal Jason Forest

Our very good friend Amy was there to photograph the proceedings