Monday, 26 January 2009

Le Couteau Jaune @ Vans vs Dave The Chimp Party

On 24th September last year LxCxJ played at the Vans vs Dave the Chimp trainer/teeshirt launch party with Robots in Disguise (Check out Dave the Chimps stuff, he is one of our fav graffiti artists, he painted a giant Green Catterpillar on the side of Anne LCJ's squat once, that totally rocked! Altho happy ghosts eating sushi on Roman Road in Bow and just off of Kingsland Road in Dalston are my personal favourites!). The show was full of squeeling teenage girls and we went mental, so did they, we had mega mega fun times, check the video below for some action... this was the first outting for the now world famous RAPE CAPE, our homemade giant patchwork sheet that we generally lob over the audience. Charli XCX christened it the rape cape coz her and her mates kept getting touched up by some perv whilst dancing under it one night.
Anyway check out some photos of our performance taken by Eve Power here.

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