Saturday, 31 January 2009

Where were you in '92? Burning down churches in Norway mate.

Neon Skullz new obsession: Corpse Paint!

Look out for new Neon Skullz corpse paint/black metal artwork coming soon!

Picture 7

why we're on the subject, here is a video of my my favourite Burzum Track, Dunkelheit:

and heres a cool video for The Day Burzum Killed Mayhem by Nargaroth, it's got some pretty cool news footage of the Varg Vikerness trial:

I actually love Black Metal so much.
My favourite Colour is pink.

Photographer Peter Beste has shot some amazing portraits of members of the black metal scene, theres a slide show with musical accompaniment in the video below, also check out his photos of of the Houston Rap scene and London Council Estate/Grime scene.

VBS TV did a real interesting Black Metal documentary whilst Peter Beste was doing this project, check the first episode here:

Im off to draw some corpse paint! 

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