Monday, 26 January 2009

Melodie Du Kronk artwork

Ok ok so obviously a lot of the stuff Im posting up at the moment is not in chronological order. Here is some artwork I did for ace liverpool band Melodie Du Kronk last year.

This is what Picadilly Records in manchester said about the album (of the week) 

It's not often that the GPS delves into the full length market, but here's a stormer. Eleven totally whacked out, fried nuggets of space-age electronic psychedelia from Scouse moog maniacs Melodie Du Kronk. Opening with the glorious "Morgiana", which rolls out like some lost 1971 hallucinatory goth horror disco track, the album then runs over 10 more pulsing gems that play out like the soundtrack to some aborted, early 70s Iron Bloc horror flick. Bubbling moogs and constantly evolving, meandering motorik rhythms recall the groove of Cluster and Harmonia mangled with prime 'Neu! era' Stereolab and Add N to X at their zonked out best, with a twist of Holy Fuck to boot.
Ltd LP - GPS31 - not currently available - sorry!
200 numbered copies on vinyl only in suitably lurid 'neon skullz' designed, linen card sleeves.

Suitably lurid sounds good to me!

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Matthew Brindle said...

This is seriously hot.